Seven Couples Talk Money
Nicole Dieker

I’m really curious why the first couple splits all their dates 50–50 when the guy is makeing 2x as much as she is:

“But now that we’ve moved to L.A., and it’s kind of pricey, and we’re budgeting, it’s just easier if we do everything 50–50. I think that started with the first meal, seriously. But my reaction was like — I understood it.”

I also find it almost frightening that the two women in LA didn’t even talk about money until after they got married, and started living together. That does not bode well, long-term. I’ve been with my partner just over a year and we’re just now starting to get more and more comfortable talking about our relationship with money.

And the couple in Arizona, it’s GOOD that she can recognize she doesn’t really need something when they go to the mall. That’s the right mindset to have if they are going to climb out of the poverty level and make more in the future, she’ll be much more frugal and attuned to wants vs. needs.

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