Executive resume writing services are professional writing firms which specialize in the development of career content such as resumes, cover letters, biographies, LinkedIn profiles, websites, and personal brands — among other personal marketing collateral — to help executives (senior-level leaders and members of the C-Suite) achieve career growth, attain Board of Directors positions, or locate new, six-figure employment.

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Many of the top, professional executive resume writing services have been in business for more than a decade and partner with top-caliber executives of Fortune 50/100/500 corporations.

Executive resume writing firms can help executive job seekers, managers, and rising executives achieve career success beyond what they can reach alone. …

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When you think of resume branding, what may come to mind is something gimmicky or cliche.

Truth be told, many professional resume writers don’t know how to brand an executive resume the right way.

When an executive resume is branded to communicate value and highlight the job seeker’s distinction, it is executed intelligently and strategically.

#1. How Can you brand your executive resume so it produces results?

The first thing you must do is define your target market. Who are you writing for and why?

The reason this is imperative is that your brand must make an emotional connection with the reader. To know your target audience is to be in the know of what you would like to market to get them to call you. …

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An executive once said to me, “I need your help. I need to RE-BRAND my resume.”

I was expecting, “I don’t know why my resume isn’t working.” But, what I was presented with was an unexpected “rebrand?” Well, if I wasn’t already sitting.

You see, many leaders in the middle of an executive job search campaign don’t realize that what they are attracting with their current resume is no accident. …

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is the Chief Executive Resume Writer and Career Coach at www.careersteering.com

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