8 Steps to Surviving LFF

My simple guide to getting the most out of your film fest (which is really more of a reminder for myself for next year than anything else):

  1. Get informed about everything on at the festival the minute the guide is announced — even if you’re not seeing it, know about it.
  2. Take the festival off work — how fabulous would it be to have that film-filled staycation? Very.
  3. Don’t make non-film plans — your friends will survive a fortnight without your wit, charm and general flakiness that ultimately follows.
  4. Plan your schedule in advance — picking up your guide each day and pondering what to see is a crap strategy, and you will miss out on key films.
  5. Make full use of your rush queue opportunitues — again, plan!
  6. Make your own lunch — you can’t afford sushi lunches and chai lattes every day for 2 weeks at the best of times…
  7. Not drinking isn’t the worst idea in the world either — how great is it not being hungover! Even if you don’t take the whole festival off, pick one event… don’t booze the whole time.
  8. Get as much sleep as humanly possible — because you will get sick. It’s inevitable. It happens EVERY YEAR.
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