These are revealing times. They are revealing who your friends are and revealing where you should part ways. It has revealed to me that moving forward means having the courage to speak up and share my authentic insights unapologetically no matter how the community responds and how uncomfortable it may make some feel.

Rosangel Perez of Cafecito Break shares a public message to her community about respect.

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.” — Don Miguel Ruiz

A lil background, I’ve been triggering my community lately with my point of views about Trump, the recent Goya Protest, The Democrats, Marxist / Socialism in the US, and “mandated mask wearing” for example.

I am a Social Political Commentator and share these views across my social media platforms and on the podcast, Cafecito Break.

Some of my “friends” think that I am a sell out. …

The world has changed rapidly in less than a week.

Many are in panic and deep fear.

Since I produce a community podcast focused on the great awakenings in society, politics, spirituality, and wellness called Cafecito Break, we “Ruthie, Alex and I”, have stayed close to the murmurings of varying perspectives.

As a result, we have opened doors to insights and understandings that have been hard to process. Some information is so uncomfortable, that it is easier to turn on Netflix, chill and tune out.

There have been weeks in my journey that my wanderings down the rabbit hole took me to places that sent a shiver to my core. …

It’s the 11th hour.
A perfect time to tap into your inner wisdom.
The ancestors remind us to appreciate our time together.
There is no love in deprecating one another.
Together we can plant seeds of prosperity.

Click below and listen to RA shares a powerful message of tapping into faith, letting go, and trusting God.

Details unfolding for upcoming community events. Please keep checking for updates here:

Recorded 11/11/18
Live at St Paul’s Lutheran Church
Thank You Tribe.
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Rosangel Perez

La Shamanessa, RA — Medicine Woman, Social — Political Commentator, Community Wellness Activist, Podcaster @cafecitobreak @cafecitoboriqua

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