Do You Feel Safe Sharing Your Political Views?

A Vulnerable Reflection from A Puerto Rican Critical Thinker in NYC

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I do and I don’t…

I feel safe sharing my political views with a teeny tiny circle of trust.

I don’t feel safe sharing my political views publicly, or with my friends, or with my colleagues, or with my family.


Because I was one of those people who did not jump on the Hillary Clinton train even though the majority of my circle did. I trusted my sixth sense and voted for another candidate. Who did I vote for? hmmm… that’s between me and the voters booth.

Back to my question… Do you feel safe sharing your political views? Even as I write this I feel a bit silly. The truth is that sometimes I feel like woke up in a parallel universe.

For example, I thought it was pretty ridiculous when a childhood friend “unfriended” me when I voted for Obama.

But these days, you can’t even wear a certain hat or a t-shirt without feeling like you are going to get your bunz kicked.

I tested this theory gently one day… I wore a patriotic looking T-shirt with the word TRIUMPH.

I got weird uncomfortable stares all day. One person finally admitted that she felt relieved when she realized I wasn’t wearing a Trump shirt.

But what if I had been? What difference would that make? Does it change who I am, who I have been? How I see the world? Would wearing a Trump or MAGA hat be an all of a sudden “deal breaker” Pa fuera, You are fired from my life kinda thing?

(the author pauses for a moment… is she really writing this article? )

What the heck has happened to our America since Donald Trump got elected President?

Words like “hysterical people” come to mind.

Not all people, but enough people to create a mass headache in society that feels like… oh oh, this person is about to start on a angry non stop “I hate Trump, he is to blame for everything” screaming tirade….steer clear. run fast. run like hell. keep running. maybe hide. or just turn off the tv and the world and be with your own thoughts for a while. meditate. cause this world is. um… crazy.


silence (repeat often)

but seriously… Pause if you can and take inventory of everything that has happened and/or been revealed in the past two years alone.

Does it seem like this is the best time in history to be so separate?

These moments are challenging us to step up to be a greater version of ourselves. We can not afford to be so distrusting and war-like with one another. We need to work together. We need to heal. The children need us. The future generations need our collective wisdom today.

I am beginning this healing “coming out of my political closet” by putting my vulnerable self out there and sharing my perspectives.

I pray I don’t get crucified in the process.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”
— Rumi

la shamanessa — Radio Host/Podcaster, Speaker, Urban Shamanic Priestess