FAQs for MBOX to OLM converter online and Mail Extractor Pro!

Frequently asked questions are the key to running software programs successfully if you are not an expert on the subject. The answers to the basic and rather commonly encountered problems can help the users a great deal in understanding the intricacies of the subject.

Rosanna Hobby

MBOX to OLM Converter Online and MEP

This list of FAQs is inspired by user’s demand for MBOX to OLM converter online as well as by its increasing substitution by Mail Extractor Pro. Read on to get more clarity on this!

Q. What is the basic job of an MBOX to OLM converter online?

A. Email migration is quite commonplace in today’s world wherein users frequently shift from one mailing client to the other. Naturally, there comes a point where they wish to shift their data files too. This where the need for email converter tools stems from!

MBOX to OLM converter online is one such tool that is required to transfer the data from Mac mail to Mac Outlook! Its job is to pick up all the data from Mac mails and precisely rebuild them in Mac Outlook. This basically requires the transformation of files from MBOX file format to OLM file format- a task that is highly arduous to accomplish!

Q. I can’t locate my files in Mac Outlook even after I used an MBOX to OLM converter online! What should I do?

A. The problem of losing out on data during conversions is categorically prevalent in the output of MBOX to OLM converter online. There are very specific reasons for that- unsophisticated tools and highly complicated conversion job. If you have already employed an MBOX to OLM converter online and have lost the data to it, then there is only one way out of it- using Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is also a converter tool with its specialization in converting MBOX to PST. It is the same as converting MBOX to OLM, only 100 times better and faster! The results are spectacular and precise. The complaints of data loss or data modification remain alien to the output of this tool.

Q. Is Mail Extractor Pro an MBOX to OLM converter online?

A. The answer to this question is a big NO. Mail Extractor Pro is not an MBOX to OLM converter online but an MBOX to PST converter. To understand the difference, it is imperative to understand the difference between OLM and PST at first.

OLM and PST are Outlook mail archiving formats- former for Mac Outlook and latter for Windows Outlook. While OLM is strictly limited to Mac Outlook, PST has recently been included on both the Outlook versions. As such, users looking for an MBOX to OLM converter online can switch to an MBOX to PST converter too without impacting the final output.

Users often mistake Mail Extractor Pro for an MBOX to OLM converter online as it is capable of fulfilling the basic purpose anyway. If you too wish to transfer data from Mac mail to Mac Outlook, then there is no tool better than Mail Extractor Pro to get the job done!

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