Inspiration is Simply a Give and Take Deal

This is a give and take industry. Respect can only get you things up to a certain point, and people who help have their limits too. I’ve always lived by the mantra I work for my pleasures and I work for the things given to me, connections, food, clothes.

I remember I was at the headquarters of a shoe brand I like and I was killing myself trying to muster up to courage to ask for a pair while everyone else (who were official endorsers of course) told me I was silly to be shy. I got my pair, but I never asked for one ever again? Why? Because I don’t have a plan to return the favor, not yet at least.

When I help people, I don’t ask for anything in return. I just don’t expect it. When I give you something and I don’t say anything, that’s a giveaway. I’m not going to lord over you for the rest of your life with that. If I need something from you, I will say it.

Through the years this whole “thing” that I’ve been doing in the industry, taking pictures, supporting artists, I don’t really consider a job.

Yet I’m still here despite being disappointed again and again. The reasons for disappointment? Too complex to explain. It goes beyond love, it’s more like some imbalance is happening, towards whatever.

I think what happens is not that I am expecting anything in return, it’s just that I’m out of things to give. Imagine 13 years of it.

This is probably because of lack of inspiration, which is in layman’s terms simply means having a reason to do things. I live by the simple premise, why should I be inspired by you?

If there’s no reason. I simply move on. What’s good about inspiration is that it’s fleeting but there are many of it out there, you just have to find what works for you.

So if you no longer inspire others, what makes you think they’ll do something for you?

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