Racism in Hollywood and Contradictions of Spike Lee

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Hollywood remains a reflection of America, for better or for worse, in terms of racial segregation too. When Sidney Potier was the first black actor to win the Oscar in 1964, Martin Luther King was still battling in the streets for the rights of American black people.
Waiting for The Oscar ceremony on February, 28, the Academy is being accused of racism.

For the record, it is superfluous to mention black actors delivering memorable movies to our collective imagination. They also did the filmmakers such as Spike Lee. Indeed to be honest, If I hadn’t watched Mo 'Better Blues, in 1992 I would not be stubborn to go to Harlem at all costs.

The accusation of racism, heralded today by Spike Lee against the Academy, turns against him. He criticized Clint Eastwood in 1988, on the occasion of Bird, didn’t he? According to the director of Malcolm X a white one couldn’t tell the life of a black musician like Charlie Parker. Eastwood did it magnificently.

This is not about skin color, but that infamous "subculture scrap", making all of us pretty darn sexist, homophobic, religious and political fanatics. A cultural regression, made up of cages in which we finished everyone, including Hollywood and Academy.

Coming back from Memphis last December, I asked what it would have happened if a white one have decided to shoot documentary film about the story of Stax Records. That setback would find out that Jim Stewart, founder of Soul music label, cutting into pieces racist lobby of Tennessee, was paradoxically "a white man." Mr. Lee, How about taking a step back?

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