COF Sustainable Health Forum Post 1

These few posts will be for a class I am taking through the Colleges of the Fenway titled Sustainable Health. I will be discussing three articles and how they were intriguing to read and how their visuals help their writing.

Article 1 — “How to Build a Bulletproof Mind in 5 Minutes a Day”

So, what was really interesting about this article was that it was engaging and interesting. The words he used were not hard to understand, and the situation he was in was is one that I can relate to regarding everyday stress. It was cool that he wrote it it out in a serious of steps also. I found that to be the most interesting aspect of his article. He also made use of funny pictures as well which helped with the overall tone of the article.

Article 2 — “The strangest moon in the Solar System”

This article was the most interesting one I read. It was really visual; there were tons of pictures of the solar system throughout the article. It also referenced historical facts which helped with the overall understanding of the article. I found in this post, the pictures definitely helped engage the reader. Overall, this was a great post.

Article 3 — “I grew GMOs in my suburban garden, here’s what happened”

This post was engaging as well. It was interesting to see the implications of a process known for only commercial scale applied to a backyard. It was cool to read about the authors process in planting GMOs and how the myths about GMOs are definitely myths. I found it fun to read how he was overwhelmed by the majority of the food and the rate in which it grew. I also liked the use of personal pictures, both of his fail in planting corn the first time and then the success. Overall, I believe his actual writing to be the best part of the post instead of the visuals.

If I were to write a post such as the ones mentioned above, I would definitely take from the last two articles more so. The length of the last article was definitely more appropriate for this type of medium and the visuals from the second article were very engaging. Overall, this is a interesting way to get out stories, facts, myths and reviews.

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