Putting it in Context
Ben Brown

I use (and love) Google Now, because it does seem to get excited when I’m somewhere else. When I’m somewhere new it tells me where I am, but also all the interesting things about it, all the tourist attractions and photo locations.

It could still be perfected a bit more, but it’s better than not having it. It won’t say good morning, but it would give me the best route to work every day, and when it was almost time to leave work and there was a traffic jam on my normal route it would warn me about it.

Now it’s just a bit confused because I no longer have a schedule, so it pretty much doesn’t know what’s happening and why I’m not following a strict Monday-Friday 9–6 schedule. Well Google, I don’t have a job, and what you list as "parking location" is currently my home. But apparently Google just can’t figure out why I haven’t gone back home after flying to Europe in April.

It would’ve also been nice if it not only suggested on Saturdays the best route to go to "that place I went to every other weekend" but had asked "what is this? Why do you come here?” and given me the option to say: this is my parent’s house.

But I guess it will get smarter and smarter, slowly hacking into our lives and learning more about us, until it gets to the point of saying Good Morning and Have a great day!

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