Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends
Owen Williams

Snapchat’s discoverability and its complex way of adding new users was why I never became a fan of the platform. It’s one of those platforms that you can join if and when all your friends are joining, or not at all.

I was urged to try it by a friend who loved it. After repeatedly asking me to join and saying how awesome it was, I gave in and joined.

Immediately I found that what I had told him was true. None of my other friends from various groups was in it so the platform was incredibly boring for me. After connecting to Snapchat I realised that I had exactly 3 friends from all the contacts in my phone that were using it; including the friend who insisted I joined.

Snapchat without content from funny or clever users is as boring as it gets. I could visit the live stories that changed every day, and all the channels from brands; but to find interesting user’s feeds I had to do research. Look up online articles about the best profiles to follow, find the Twitter accounts that I like that already have Snapchat profiles, etc… It was much harder than what I was promised: a fun new platform to try. And it required a lot more work than I was willing to give it.

After 2 or 3 months, I decided I had given it enough of my time and deleted the app from my phone.

I’ve been using Instagram for years now, and I agree with everything you said. From day one after the Stories launched I already had people using them. Finding new users to follow is easy. There’s yet no ads in them. Why would I go back to my empty Snapchat?

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