Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Thing is, Owen, your book on the establishment showed very clearly how the secretive networking of neoliberalism worked and still works in practical terms. That established hegemony is not going to yield to attacks it can see coming. No-one expected Jeremy Corbyn to appeal so much to the hearts and minds of such numbers of people, because the establishment in all its glory has no connections to those people, it ignores or uses them, and has introduced and allowed practices which grind them down. An example is the way the banks were allowed to charge people if they dropped, however briefly, into overdraft when they were clearly without funds temporarily, then charged £30 as a fee for covering small expenses, with a further £30 for a letter saying what they had done, ad infinitum. A person in work, in a quite innocuous situation, like for example moving, being unable to get internet banking operating immediately and losing track of unexpected expenses, ran up colossal fees very quickly, which they had no hope of paying: actually driven into poverty by the banks themselves. Thousands of people have over the years experienced very horrible circumstances in their lives that they just have to get on with while watching their rights, their ownership in their society and the quality of their lives being steadfastly removed from their grasp, and not a thing to do about it. The only politician who has shown any sign of understanding their plight, because he does, is Mr. Corbyn, who has himself brought criticism down upon his own head for refusing to vote for the continual assaults upon humanity that those in the political mainstream, convinced often by self-interest, had accepted as the norm, and which showed clearly not the slightest understanding of what was happening to the lives of perfectly ordinary people. People who just wanted some joy in life unencumbered by the anxieties brought about by political decisions, like for example, refusing to countenance fair rental systems, though these are perfectly adequately operated in Holland for example.

When Mr. Corbyn began to address meetings, it was like water to a parched throat. He talked about what was missing in the lives of ordinary people as though he really understood, and saw what could be done to put things right. Because the establishment, which now seems to include most politicians, have become so accustomed to fiddling about with policies that, in effect, take as much as possible from those who cant speak up for themselves, it is assumed that the policies that Mr.Corbyn does espouse are rubbish, ill thought-out and unacceptable. But this is not the case. As your article points out, there was nothing wrong with the policies that Ed Milliband put forward except that they were not aimed at the relevant audience in a way that included them. Be not afraid. Mr. Corbyn does have excellent policies that have already been tried and tested, evaluated and corrected, and shows every sign of being able to recognise and applaud good ideas from others. All functioning policies need to be continuously scrutinised to ensure that they have validity, and nothing he has put forward is radical to people who dont want to bomb the living shit out of other people or initiate piles of uranium that cant be destroyed. He puts his ideas forward in ways people understand, he does not patronise the electorate, and if he continues to get out and address people, he will continue to persuade people that this can be done.

Stop trying to force him into a mould that has no relevance. Concentrate instead on attempting to get him some fair media covedrage. All of the ploys you wring your hands over because Mr. Corbyn is not doing what is expected of him have not worked, not for Mr. Milliband, not for his fellow-candidates. What is the point of continuing to pursue, even harder, a strategy that isnt working and shows no signs of working? That is how divorce happens, people try harder and harder to make something work as they think it should, and when it doesn’t work, try harder at the same thing, get frustrated and give up. Mr. Corbyn doesn’t play that game. The PLP expect him at a conference where they fully intend to blast him to smithereens with contempt dripping from every jaw, and what does he do? Goes to an allotment meeting. Masterly. Mr. Corbyn, while everyone jabbers about what a naughty boy he is, has quietly introduced changes in the ways that people see things, no mean feat in less than a year, under such ghastly circumstances. We are even beginning to get a tiny little glimpse of fairness — he got an article in the Guardian today, right at the bottom of the agenda its true, well below the salt, and submerged under all the exciting new ideas Mr. Brylcreem Smith is pushing out, but still there.

Dont give up Owen, what Mr. Corbyn offers is sound and practical strategy for running a kinder country, he has seen it done, watched what went wrong, knows how to put it right. Of course the yammerers are yammering. Let them get on with it, and keep the faith. Even if he fails, he has played a blinder: has shown integrity, bravery, humanity, kindness and wit. He is a credit to us all. Dont expect him to play your game, it doesn’t work.

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