A non-basketball fan writes about Dennis Rodman’s theatrics and impact on and off the court

Original art by Antonio Losada (Twitter)

Time travel with me y’all.

The first and last time I cared about basketball, the Knicks were having a historically exciting run during the 1998–99 season. I knew every important player’s name on that team: Patrick Ewing, Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, and the rest. They were doing so well and defying the odds. Then, they did what it seems the Knicks always do. They lost in the Finals in a terrible fashion (1–4) against the San Antonio Spurs.

Friends, this is the last time I watched a basketball season on purpose. I’m a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, native. We didn’t have the…

Point blank — I’m over you

You suck

I can’t believe I spent so much time and energy on you

Point blank — I don’t love you

You wrenched my heart out and stepped all over it

Then you gave it back to me

Took it away

Chewed it and spit it back in my face

Point blank — I hate you

You made me despise the person I became when I was with you

I loathed your stink, your smell, your laugh, your swell(ing)

I couldn’t stand how much contempt I had for myself for staying so long with…

Enclosed /In blankets/ In a cage/ Inside a tomb/ Of the basement/Of a brick house/Surrounded by cemented walls/Inside a barbed fence/ Fierce watchdogs on guard/On an uncharted island/far away-/somewhere at the south pole/that’s where my heart is

Heart in a box on an island

It’s not here/and you won’t get there/you must pass through the obstacles /Survive the hurricanes and storms thrown your way/Recover from the contaminated fish in the sea/Simultaneously endure the excruciating heat and cold

To like me is to complicate me

In being alone for so long

The intensity is filled with big expectations

Friendship, love, respect, chemistry, conversation

In wanting all these things

And always getting it halfway

Makes me give up

If all these elements come together

It makes it all the better

If met halfway,

I’m close to opening up and close up again

Starting something and never finishing it

Pisses me off

And shuts me down from others

In being noticed

Confuses me

Because I’ve been alone for so long

Fucking up my groove

Yet hoping for something I yearn for


Liking me complicates me


Because I never get what I want

And when I do, I try not to keep it that way

Rose Heredia

Writer. Cinephile. Dominican.

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