21 days of Discovery

When you’re at your quarter life age and still searching and chasing your spot in this world, your lost and don’t know what your life gonna be, just following where your feet will bring you and yah this feeling really driving me nuts. Just like my unclear introduction (haha) my life as of the moment still blur and still seeking for the right formula in finding the narrow way to SUCCESS.

Tried experimenting and following the 21-day rule that I’ve read in one book it says to ingrain habit in human brain you need at least 21 days before adjusting to the new situation and form a new habit.

Having said so I have the following 21 key points I’ve learned during past few days starting September 1 and called it as my “21 days of discovery”.

1. “Keep Educating Yourself” — One of the KEY factor to SUCCESS.

2. “Leaders are Readers” — Reading might sound or looks like a boring activity but regardless you love or like what your reading when you finish it you might probably get new word/s that could add in your vocabulary.

3. “Avoid Negative Energy” — The energy surrounds you is what makes you. It always feels good and right if your spreading good vibes!

4. “Reduce wasting your time surfing the net in social media” — Too much of something is BAD. It Is Balance That Matters so moderation in all things may be better than too much. I’m not saying facebooking or other SM are bad but you need to have limitation use your spare time in some productive activity.

5. “Stop worrying what others think about you” — It’s your life and you’re the captain/pilot of it at the end of the day regardless whatever you’ve done to other they will always have bad things they’ll say behind you. Care less and you’ll be less stressed!

6. “Working hard does not necessarily mean work long. Working long does not guarantee success. It pays to find your flow.” — Find the best time of yourself when you’re most productive and do the best thing on that time, working long sometimes offers diminishing returns.

7. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got” — Everything is hard before it get easy. But I believe everything that you want to achieve your can attain if your look onto it.

8. “Fulfillment is more important than achievement. Happiness is more important than enviability”- What makes your happy brings sense of achievement, it always important to do things that put big smile in your face.

9. “Freedom” — Free your Self in all the burden you have as everything will fall onto its places in God’s perfect time.

10. “Willpower” — Always remind yourself of your goal and it will fuel you up to have courage in pursuing what you wanna be.

11. “Cue..Routine..Reward”- This is the exercise you can use in developing GOOD habit and then eventually this new habit will actually stick in.

12. “It’s okay so stay OKAY” — There was a time in my 21 days of discovery that I do nothing as in just thinking of something, keeping busy for no reason but then I guess that’s a human nature you feel tired and just want to relax somehow. Just don’t forget to push yourself back on TRACK!

13. “Appreciate what you have while you still have it” — everything in this world is temporary and time will come everything will turn into dust. Stop worrying and just start living….

14. “Push yourself. Don’t settle” — Never settle for less than you DESERVE. If self-fulfilling whenever you achieve something but Never stop learning.. never stop improving.. never stop growing..…

15. “Dedicate 12mins for ME time” — I always have this everyday just to remind myself why I’m doing this, just talking to myself and talking to our GOD.

16. 3D (Discipline, Determination, Dedication) — 3D’s that reminds be to be on track

17. Every journey begins with a single step, creating new habit needs much effort and perseverance.

18. “Keep the Faith and Ask for Guidance “— Nothing much to explain but this applies in all religion that if it’s God’s will it will happen no matter how long it takes, everything will fall into its places in his perfect time.

19. Better things comes on those who work on it.

20. “Focus is the key” — In reality what matter most is the RESULT. Focus is what we all need to be able to become what we want to be.

21. Change begins with you. Remember, it’s never too late but the clock is ticking….