Nothing is impossible

If you constantly get this into your head and repeat it over time, you will realise the kind of changes that it can make on your life.

Weren’t there times that you felt like giving up, and thinking that maybe this route wasn’t the best to take on?

Or those times where people shot down your ideas, saying it was “impossible”?

What about those times where even you yourself thought your ideas were absurd because it would not have been possible to achieve it?

Now, think about this.

If impossible were the words that guided Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or even Bill Gates’ life, would there be such a revolutionary change to the way technology is integrated into our everyday life, changed the way we communicate and most importantly, changed almost the rules of the entire game?

Yes, the impossible may be scary, fearful and full of risks and uncertainty. But, is there anything that you can think of that really adds excitement in your life and elevate that sense of accomplishment without those factors propelling you forward?

If you want to be ahead of the impossible game, let them be your friend. Treat them like your partners — your emotional partners that you can trust, because ultimately, they live within you and they sum up to become your instinct.

You trust your instincts, don’t you?

In order to defy gravity, remember — impossible, is nothing.

Thank you for reading it! I’m writing this to serve as a reminder to myself, and to also hope to have given you some confidence in trusting your own instincts to do great things for the world!

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