“And finally, things are going to become very, very interesting when the super-delegates and the…
Dread Beard

This is NOT selfish. Considering that only about 50% of voters who will vote in the general election vote in the primary, it leaves out a HUGE percentage of votes, many of who are indepedents. So this “popular vote” many speak of is a small percent of registered Democrats. The gap between Hillary and Bernie has been closing in recent months. Not to mention, many of the individuals who wanted to particpate this election season but couldn’t, will be very important in November. Our system does not enocurage voter turnout. If we want the independent votes in November, they should be considered valid in the primary season as well. To discard this large percent of independent voters is selfish. In 2008 general election, 29% of all votes were independent!!!!! Plus there are 15 more primaries to come. Before we jump to any conclusions about the popular vote, why not let the remaining registered Democrats make their decision before it goes to a contested convention in July.

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