What to Expect in Trump’s New World

According to most sources, the Women’s March of January, 2017 was the largest protest in US history. But what’s important to note is that it wasn’t just a domestic political protest, but a global one. People from everywhere gathered together in a coordinated outcry for equality across all borders — gender, social, racial — you name it. The outpouring of solidarity across humanity was beautiful and enormous.

I’m going to share with you why that one fact alone will dictate the events about to unfold in Trump’s New World. But first, you have to understand Trump himself and his supporters.

Part One: The Pro-Trumpers

1) Trump is Ethnocentric

On the scale of Developmental Stages of Consciousness put forth by Ken Wilber, the world’s leader in modern consciousness studies, Trump falls in the Ethnocentric Stage. This stage is marked by the desire to align yourself with a larger cause (such as becoming President) and to help others live better lives. It’s about duty, honor, and law.

The trouble with Enthocentrism is that it’s also an “Us vs. Them” mentality and very cliquish. Everything is black or white. You’re either with us or you’re against us.

And right now the only “Us” in Trump’s New World are Americans.

This was incredibly appealing to Pro-Trumpers, because to them someone was finally on their side. Of course, “who” exactly was included in the “Us” category differed greatly and remained unclear throughout the campaign.

Some Pro-Trumpers thought Trump was on the side of white, male supremacists. Others thought “Us” meant business owners tired of governmental interference and environmental red tape. But perhaps the largest swath of Pro-Trumpers believed “Us” was the downtrodden middle class, out-of-work because of globalism and off-shoring.

Regardless, Trump’s ambiguity of “Us” always ended when anyone other than legal Americans were mentioned. He was definitely on the side of Americans, and Americans only. This message resonated with a huge portion of the American population to the bewilderment of many.

News stations and analysts alike had trouble pinpointing exactly what Trump supporters had in common. The truth is, the commonality was their developmental level of consciousness, something completely overlooked by everyone.

2) Energetically Speaking, Trump is a 3 (Out of 7)

Great leaders around the world use a self-assessment tool called the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) to gauge the perspective from which they make decisions. The 7 level scale goes from level 1 where decisions are made from a disempowered, victim mentality of “I lose”, all the way up to an empowered, compassionate Level 7 perspective where “Winning and losing are illusions.”

Trump appears to make decisions from a Level 3 perspective, which is all about “I win and I don’t care if you lose.”

In fact, for most of Trump’s past this decision-making style has predominated, from his business dealings to his recent political rhetoric.

On the upside, level 3 leaders are decisive, authoritative, natural leaders. They make things happen and will do everything in their power to ensure the best for those who follow them. However, for those who don’t — beware. Leaders like Trump need “enemies” to “win” against, and they will create enemies to ensure victories when necessary.

When it comes to Trump’s supporters, this decision-making style fit perfectly inline with their desire to take care of their own. Anyone who is not American is a potential enemy. Anyone who is not American but goes along with an agenda that supports American well-being at all costs will be considered an ally.

3) Trump is a Challenger and a Protector

If you haven’t run across it before, there’s an ancient personality assessment called the Enneagram which has Trump pegged as a Type 8. Although the Enneagram started in spiritual and mystic traditions, it has a lot of practical, applicable wisdom when it comes to our core psychological fears and motivations as humans.

Type 8’s are interesting characters because they can swing between the most selfish to the most selfless of individuals. They are driven to protect, and love to take on challenges in order to do so. How many people and what is included in their ring of protection is key and largely based upon their stage of consciousness development as described above.

Type 8’s can include the entire world and all of life in their ring of protection, or just themselves.

If you’ve followed Trump’s career progression, you can see his ring of protection widen — from doing what was best for just himself, then to his family, and now to his country.

If his level of consciousness progresses from Ethnocentricity to Worldcentricity, then his ring of protection will widen even more to finally include all non-Americans and likely the environment (more on this later). If this shift were to happen, Trump has the potential and capacity to be one of the best global leaders to ever exist.

Is this likely? Not really, because as a Type 8, Trump’s deepest fear is to be controlled. He’s already pulling out of trade agreements and global organizations such as the UN, and will probably continue to cut ties with anything and anyone he feels has control over his new vision for an independently strong and contained America. As President, he wants complete power to decide what’s best for “Us” without any restrictions from “Them”.

4) Trump is a CEO First

To Trump, America is just one big company that needs to be financially turned around.

He will make decisions based on the numbers, and do everything in his power to make America profitable again. If that means cutting social welfare programs, lifting environmental protections, and reversing government grants that don’t make sense — literally — then expect them to be chopped. The objective is to lower overhead and expenses.

He’s also going to look at the income side and put protections in place to stop financial leaks (making off-shoring so expensive it’s not worth it) and freeing up more development money via tax breaks. His Inaugural Speech mentioned rebuilding infrastructure and bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. This is all designed to increase revenue.

And to ensure the new wealth and opportunities stay with Americans only, he’ll strengthen our borders by potentially bringing troops stationed abroad back home (because defending “Them” doesn’t make logical sense) and make legal immigration as difficult as possible. (After all, you don’t add new employees to a company if it’s already struggling to pay the ones it already has.)

To Trump, this is really what it means to “Make America Great Again”. He truly believes in the traditional American Dream, and wants to give hard-working Americans every advantage to become strong, self-reliant, entrepreneurial individuals again — unburdened by the globalizing challenges of dealing with “Them”.

He wants to bring back a simpler time that was linear in its progress, seemed fairer to those with ambition and a willingness to work hard, and Patriotism in its truest sense.

To millions of Americans, this plan sounds ideal.

So why are millions more around the world marching against it?

Part Two: Anti-Trumpers

The vehemence of Anti-Trumpers is impressive. He is a very, very hated man who has scared a lot of people with his words. The best way to explain this seemingly unprecedented level of repulsion is to go back to the Developmental Stages of Consciousness again and break down Anti-Trumpers into a two main groups (though there are more).

1) Anti-Trumpers Group 1 — The Worldcentrics

For the most part, Anti-Trumpers are at the Worldcentric Stage of Consciousness Development. They’ve already embraced the fact that all humans are equal regardless of citizenship, race, gender, etc. Their compassion has expanded beyond their “own tribe” to include all of humanity. In fact, their considerations go well beyond humans to include other animals and the environment.

Anti-Trumpers are not content to simply “take care of Americans” to the detriment of everyone and everything else. Instead, they see the entire world as one connected whole that needs protection and care. From their perspective, the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful person in the world, should be attempting to make it ALL better. It doesn’t make sense to take care of one small part of the world while destroying the rest of it.

What hurts “Them” inevitably hurts “Us”.

From this perspective, nothing Trump does to improve just Americans could ever be considered true progress. For example, bringing a job back to America means taking that same job away from someone else. When you remove the veil of citizenship, it’s just trading one human’s well-being for another. There is no actual improvement.

On the environmental front, any decision that degrades the environment for the sake of financial gains is atrocious and short-sighted. In this way Trump’s environmental policies could have far-reaching and irreversible effects, potentially putting life on Earth in even more danger than it is already.

In terms of the Energy Leadership Index, this group would much prefer a leader who made decisions from a level 5 in which both “sides” must win. The only acceptable decisions are those that benefit everyone involved.

That means Trump would have to think of his Corporation of America not as a C-corporation, where shareholder profit is paramount, but rather as a B-Corporation, where social benefit is prioritized above everything else.

Trump is not a B-Corp kind of man, so this group has very legitimate concerns.

2) Anti-Trumpers Group 2 — Fear They are “Them”

There is a large group of Anti-Trumpers who, like him, are in the Ethnocentric Stage, but deeply fear they are on the wrong side of his “Us vs. Them” equation.

Some people are absolutely correct in this fear — namely the entire world other than Americans — but even many Americans are concerned their President is not on their side.

Protesters in the domestic Women’s March included activists for women’s rights, the GBLTQ community, and racial equality, to name a few. All of these people are very worried that even though they are Americans, they are not exactly who Trump encircles within his ring of protection.

If Trump holds true to his word, which is likely based on what we know of him, then this group’s fears are largely unfounded, because “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

If you’re American, don’t worry — he’ll protect you.

Part 3: The Real Trump Card

There’s one wild card in these converging factors that’s potentially more profound and could undo, or rather subvert, any changes Trump might try to solidify during his reign as President.

In a word: Technology.

Regardless of what Trump does over the next four to eight years, there’s an unstoppable tsunami of technological growth happening right now, and no one is considering the real impact it’s about to have on a massive scale.

Smoothly running underneath this political and philosophical quagmire are companies creating new technologies that will transform the way we work, learn, produce food, and live. They don’t seem remarkable and disruptive yet, but they’re right around the corner. Billions of dollars and brilliant minds are intensely focused on creating technologies meant to bring us together and improve our lives.

For example, Uber is investing heavily in its first fleet of self-driving cars, improving safety and restructuring our idea of transportation. Space X is perfecting its return & reuse rockets, bringing us one step closer to a concerted effort into space. Google and Amazon are in an Artificial Intelligence race, giving rise to incredible processors that can easily usurp most of our “jobs”. And let’s not forget Tesla, quietly replacing traditional gas stations across interstate highways with super charging stations, making the inevitable switch to 100% renewable energies that much easier.

To make matters even more interesting, 3 billion additional people are expected to come online over the next two years, opening up new markets and global potentials. Like it or not, these technologies are happening and making the world smaller and more connected by the minute.

If Trump moves ahead with his plans to cut taxes and support new business growth, he’ll be unwittingly helping the very causes he seems to be against — making it easier for eco-conscious, tech-based companies to flourish. By and large this is what consumers want, so with an educated public driving crucial business trends, legal environmental regulations may prove to be unnecessary anyway.

Although this may be good news for most of us, for those like Trump at the Ethnocentric Stage of Consciousness, it’s going to be a very difficult transition. There will be no possibility of closing borders to protect “Us”. There will be no room for “I Win / You Lose” scenarios, and there is no going back to a simpler time when allegiance to one country was a logical choice, and hard work was all you needed to be successful.

Our future is a lot more interconnected, egalitarian, and complex than that.


About the Author: Rose Rivera, MBA, MM

Rose Rivera holds an MBA in Global Economics and is the founder of Limitless Life Evolution, dedicated to helping humanity shift out of scarcity into an age of global abundance, bolstered by technological advancements and guided by greater levels of evolved consciousness. Her work includes: Discover Your Mission - the world’s first course specifically designed to cultivate the Hero in you, and the Convergence Community, empowering members to embrace, question and utilize emerging technologies in all aspects of their lives.