It Begins.

Rose Cheval
Feb 10, 2017 · 1 min read

From a friend in Charlotte NC.

Today in Charlotte, at an elementary school across town, ICE agents showed up at school dropoff time and took away a couple of families in front of parents, kids and teachers. Everyone was stunned. The school counselors happened to be away for the day so the principal had to call another school for the shared psychologist to come over and help the teachers deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, nobody seemed to had heard a thing except me, who had a friend contact me because one of her friends teaches at the school and was asking for coverage and support from the outside. I was able to call attention to it and to get the notice of some immigration attorneys and other advocates. Tomorrow I’ll be showing up at 9:45 AM at Charlotte county government center along with others to protest the spike in deportations we’re experiencing this week.

ICE has denied the existence of the raid, but several eyewitness accounts exist.

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