The First Time Sexperience

Coming of age movies are closely related to sexual awakening and losing virginity. From Losin it to American Pie and many other college movies which focus on the sexual adventures of their protagonists.But, that is first time sex like? Is it like the magical experience described in romance novels? — Vampire — Human fantastical sex like with Edward and Bella? Was it a meek Anastasia with Christian Grey? Or more like an American Pie movie?

The real deal is definitely not as exaggerated in books and movies and yet you read some really awkward experiences, some horrifying and some which make you go ‘aww’. To get more real-life details we asked the internet a simple question: “what was your first time sex experience like?” ….and the internet replied!

“It was okay. It definitely got much better after that.”

“3 minutes!”

“It wasn’t like earth-moving, grip-the-sheets screaming and all that. I don’t think I orgasmed at all. But it was awesome to me because it happened authentically and naturally without any nervousness, self-consciousness or thinking about it.”

“I was 15, she was 17. We were both virgins. It was awkward and painful for both of us. I didn’t realize & bought wrong sized condoms that cut off my circulation.”

“I also decided to have sex for the first time on a whim. It was an incredibly poor choice. There wasn’t any sexual chemistry, it was more of a “he wants to, sure why not?” thing. It ended up being terribly painful and not in the least bit enjoyable.”

“In hindsight it was utterly terrible. Dunk sex in at 17 with my crush on the cold hard concrete of a barque area at a suburban sports field at night — very classy! However, if I was answering this question eleven years ago, I probably would have said it was the most amazing experience of my life.”

“Pretty meh. I didn’t want to tell her I was a virgin and ended up trying pretend I knew what I was doing. Sex is a bit more fun when you stop thinking about your every move.”

“Got my then-gf to give me a BJ for my 16th birthday. She was all excited about it, I was in heaven for like 5 minutes, and then she stopped because ‘her jaw was cramping’ I was her first with that, and she was my first, so I assume it wasn’t that great of a BJ in the first place, and ever since then I’ve been wondering if it actually gets better than that.”

“It was my then bf’s first time too and during oral he just kept stopping to look up and ask me if he was in the right place. So I would show him the right places and 15 secs later he would lose it and ask again. Over and over!”

“I told her I wasn’t a virgin and was so worried about doing it ‘right’ that I couldn’t orgasm. Actually ended up faking it and hiding the condom because I was worried she’d feel inadequate. She thought it was amazing because I lasted so long. Probably the worst sex I’ve ever had.”

“Wasn’t nearly the bumbling display of shame most people seem to have, but it didn’t shake the roof either. Then again, she’d snuck me in her bedroom window and he parents slept in the room next door, so ‘shaking the roof’ was something I was trying to avoid.”

“My first time was actually 3 days ago, and I’m 20, so don’t feel bad that 17 was too old or anything. For me, it was a little painful, but that was made better by the fact that my S/O is a patient dude. We tried for about 20 minutes, but couldn’t find a way to make it comfortable for me, so we took a break. We’ll probably try again soon though. I’m told these things get better with time, if that’s consolation for you :)”

“Her: Is it in? Me: I’m done.”

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Originally published at on April 8, 2016.

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