The Truth About Women in Leadership Roles

Roseann Bennett
Jan 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Women leaders are rising in the workforce. The media has been highlighting the lack of women leaders and celebrating those who are in leadership roles currently. There is a lot of discussion regarding women coming into their own and pushing through to positions of leadership in culture and across various industries. Yet, there are still some myths regarding why women should not be in strong leadership roles. Here are few common misconceptions regarding women and their ability to take on leadership roles.

#1 — Leaders are born male

With data showing the marginal numbers of women in executive levels of leadership, this myth would look to be true. Yes, there are statistically more men in leadership roles than women. However, cultural stigmas do not dictate whether a woman can or can not lead. Leadership qualities are developed which means any person can find themselves with the skill set to be an authentic leader.

#2 — Women leadership is new

Women have been leading throughout history. From Cleopatra VII, Golda Meir, to even Oprah Winfrey; women leaders have been present for hundreds of years. Women have been leading across all different types of industries and political positions since the beginning of history. The small relative number of women executives in organizations could be the reason why society perceives leadership is a twentieth-century idea.

#3 Women need to work harder to be leaders

There is extensive research showing that women inherently possess effective leadership competencies. These competencies range from critical problem-solving to company-driven innovation. If women have the ability to exercise these skills, why are we still so limited to female leaders? Women have been suppressed to the point where they tend to under-represent their abilities. The fact is that women must be confident and proud of their skills, even in the presence of men in a male dominant field.

There are other misconceptions about women’s ability to lead in various positions. From major film directors to CEOs of companies, women have the ability to lead in any position in any industry.

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