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Leaving my dojo (local cafe) for a Nespresso-on-tap office.

Date: 17 Mar 2019.

It’s a dirty secret.

Usually, I’d be the one to tell all.

However, I feel like I’ve given up.

And I didn’t make this decision out of the blue. There was no single moment where I cracked and cranked open the job listing sites.

It was slow and insidious. 2019’s clients, not all but most, had a particular opinion on how to treat freelancers.

And it didn’t include prompt payments or fair deadlines. The money carrot had been dangled in front of me as the fifth edit was demanded.

And it’s not easy to stay cheerful when there’s no camaraderie. No one to reach out to, no real empathy. It can be heartbreakingly lonely. You’re like that tree in the forest that falls down. …

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So we all know that last year this beautiful human was in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. But how has this Swedish sixteen-year-old shifted the world?

Greta was inspired by the students of Florida Park School who had had enough of the US gun laws that led to the massacre of their classmates. So Greta went on strike from school and stood in front of the Swedish Parliament with a sign reading “School Strike for Climate”.

On the 20 August 2018 at age fifteen she became an advocate for the planet.

By February 2019, her school strike had exploded to 70,000 students holding strikes across more than 270 cities. …

Steps to overcome the beast of doubt so you can do what you do best: your work.

So in my last article, I attempted to show you, my fellow freelancers, how to define productivity to achieve your own goals.

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The Swing of Writing (Credit: Artem Bali)

But, I felt that I haven’t really provided an alternative. What if you genuinely can’t get into the swing of writing?

You’ve given yourself self-compassion, now what?

It’s getting ridiculous.

I know for myself that if I have a deadline when someone is expecting work from me on the other side of the internet, I’ll get it done.

But, I’m no angel. I can be very resistant when I know I need to get more work on my plate. …

Every second article on my Medium homepage is rallying me to get more productive.

Productivity is remarkable, I’ll show what I mean later, but it’s a complicated concept for freelancers.

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The 10am/noon/2:45pm/3pm/3:15pm/3:30pm/4pm slump when working from home, less the artistic twigs.

When first I dipped into the ocean of self-employment I decided that I want to live every day with some semblance of a work-life balance.

For me, the hardest part of working for myself is living with the guilt. The guilt of not doing enough work, of not giving every client submission 100,000%.

The guilt of not being a real freelancer, someone’s going to point it out eventually so I’d better just quit while I’m slightly ahead. …

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What do I want you to take from the next two minutes? A crucial survival route in entrepreneurship today.

The mantra:




Eeking out a slight advantage over competitors is not the end goal here. Neither is creating the next ‘big thing’. And leave the expensive, new technologies to the Fortune 500. Your plan isn’t to steadily grow but eventually stagnate; it’s to dominate the market.

Scalability realized:




A taxi service, an online BnB platform and a music streaming service. None of these were groundbreaking business models, but they had enormous potential and a hungry vision to achieve it. They weren’t seeking a competitive advantage, but instead built an ambitious model that would quickly take the lion’s share of their industries. …

Those who remember when cold calls were in their prime will rejoice their slow but imminent death. Like most industries, the landscape of telecommunication sales techniques has turned on its head in the past few years.

Why are we seeing the death of cold calling?

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Donnie would have a hard time competing with automated messaging. Yahoo

Because in the modern marketplace, consumers value relationship more than anything. Because frustrated customers can opt for a “do not call” list to avoid getting spam calls from offshore call centres. But mostly because businesses have now found better alternatives to reach out to consumers than the telephonic equivalent of showing-up-on-their-door-uninvited.

Take for example, inbound marketing which has wiped out cold calling.

Why is it more effective in securing conversions?

A break from the details. A guide to get started with AI.

Inviting machine learning into your business operations is an investment, in every slant of the word. You have to invest time and money, employees’ need retraining. Your deck gets reshuffled.

And a lot of companies don’t like this. They find it daunting.

It is the fearless companies, those that call themselves agile that fold Machine Learning easily into their operations. This is key to surviving now. You need to be forever in metamorphosis. …

How this mouse always gets the big cheese…

It’s not just storyboards and creativity. As the lifespan of business reduces — we’re set to be down to an average of 12 years by 2027 — what is Disney’s plan to capitalise tech advances rather than be swallowed up by them?

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Image for post Companies are going to struggle to stay afloat over the next decade

Disney are experts at using technology to immerse customers. Neural networks links the movies, theme parks and merchandise together using ML to tailor individual preferences.

Zat Rana captures the condenses the elixir of Disney’s success in this well-research read.

Nowadays, Walt’s legacy strives for a seamless customer experience.

And it’s only going to get better.

The theme parks always adopted the newest technologies to improve operations. Having 80,000 employees makes any organisational technology that can override human error valuable. And something magical happens to the customer experience here as explained in the Leadership…

Welcome to the series. Let’s begin by breaking down the four major areas where AI can help businesses succeed:

  1. Marketing Supremacy
  2. Product Innovation
  3. Improved Operations
  4. Customer Relations
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The Evolution of AI and Robotics

All the major companies are investing in incorporating bots to improve business processes in these areas. They will usually target one more heavily than the other.

Think of Amazon, for instance, who base their entire business around the fourth area. Bezos has fused AI with most aspects of delivering their phenomenal customer service, from chatbots to speedy automated orders.

AI is the tool that allows you to improve upon your company’s USPs.

Some people disagree. 47% of marketers think that AI is an overhyped concept. I was shocked when I read this. Surely, the technology that is set to automate most back-end office tasks should be at the forefront of business strategies over the coming years. AI is not a pipeline dream. 38% of businesses have traversed beyond experimental phases of adoption and are implementing bots into their business operations. …

Rosie Murphy

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