Advantages of Acquiring the Membership of a Luxury Resort

Many luxury hotels and resorts offer its regular guests and patrons the chance of joining their membership programmes. The membership or the loyalty programme, of a luxury hotel, comes with numerous perks and advantages. Not only do you become eligible for most of the offers provided by the hotel, but you are also entitled to receive a discount on the hotel tariffs. It has been observed that there is a growing demand for luxury hotel membership amongst hotel patrons.

Growing Popularity of Luxury Hotel Membership Offers amongst Guests

The management of a renowned luxury hotel in New Delhi opines that most guests enquiring about the membership programmes have the intention, of staying in the hotel with their families, during vacations. Given the weather conditions in India, a short stay in a luxury hotel will give you a chance to unwind and reconnect with your family, especially if you are not able to take long vacations, to the cooler parts of the country. Moreover, New Delhi has always been a tourist hub. Tourists both domestic and foreign visit the capital throughout the year to imbibe in New Delhi’s rich cultural heritage. Thus, keeping in mind the growing requirements of the tourists visiting New Delhi, luxury hotel managements are offering exclusive membership programmes for its regular guests. Some of the advantages of these membership programmes have been discussed below.

Benefits of Membership Programmes Offered by Luxury Hotels

Hotels in Delhi Aerocity offer membership or loyalty programmes to its regular patrons. According to guests, the advantages of these loyalty programmes are as follows:

  • Discount offers: As a regular guest in the hotel, you can procure most of the offers given by the hotel management, at discounted rates. Say, for instance, you want to enjoy a spa session in the hotel’s wellness centre. As a member of the hotel’s loyalty programme, you can enjoy these spa sessions at discounted rates. You can also enjoy the afternoon relaxing and rejuvenating yourself at the hotel’s in-house spa or wellness centre without paying the full price.
  • Special family offers: As a member of the hotel’s loyalty programme, you can enjoy the family offers given by the hotel. These offers usually include a day or two’s stay in the hotel with your family at a discounted rate. Your family can enjoy all of the hotel’s facilities and you can have a short vacation with your family, without having to travel long distances.

Thus, the membership programmes come with a number of perks. As a member of the loyalty programme, you can also enjoy exclusive facilities of the hotel, such screening of a movie at the hotel’s in-house entertainment centre. Similarly, the membership will make you eligible for offers and discounts, in other branches of the same resort. In other words, you can avail of the discount offers in other hotels under the same management. Hence, if you are a regular patron of a particular luxury hotel, then be sure to enquire about its membership programme and enjoy the hotel’s exclusive offers.