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If free bleeding is defined as not using menstrual products then using thinx is not free bleeding. Thinx is, indeed, a menstrual product, designed to absorb menstrual fluid. I’m a big advocate of RUMPs (reuseable menstrual products) and I use the ruby cup myself, a product I chose specifically because they donate a cup to a girl in Africa for each cup purchased However, free bleeding can and does involve more than whether to use menstrual collection products, or which ones to use. At its heart the movement, to my understanding, is about challenging cultural norms which shame menstruation and female health. So, if a new, high-tech RUMP has improved your physical comfort and therefore your period experience, awesome. My ruby cup has made my period more physically comfortable, convenient, and saved me tons of laundry. An even better benefit has been an increased level of knowledge about and comfort with my reproductive anatomy and my menstrual blood, which has led to greater confidence in speaking up for gender equality. The experience has been truly transformative.