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By Katiee McKinstry

After a long day, what sounds better to you: relaxing in a warm bubble bath and taking some deep, cleansing breaths, or soaking your vagina with chemicals that may cause irritation and infections?

Your vagina works hard for you and sometimes it needs to breathe. Things like scrubbing your vagina with soap and shaving every single day is not only annoying for you, but potentially unhealthy for your vulva and vagina!

Remember, your vagina is your BFF. How would you treat them after a hard day’s work?

We’re not saying you can’t shave or wash down there…

But What Does That Mean?

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During a recent full moon, a group of “baby” witches decided to “hex” the moon.

These witches are new to the craft and started the moon-hexing movement on the popular social media platform, Tik Tok. However, across many other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, more experienced witches came together to protest these baby witches’ actions.

For baby witches to grow into their craft, it is important not to slander their choices, but rather educate them on making more informed choices.

First of all, what is hexing, and how would one “hex” the moon?

In short, hex means to practice witchcraft, although it is much more complicated than the mere being of a witch. According to contemporary culture, a hex is a spell and usually one…

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If you’re stuck at home due to quarantine, you’re probably wondering what the best way to celebrate Beltane would be since you can’t go to any festivals. Don’t fret! There are several ways you can celebrate Beltane from the comfort of your own home, and they are just as loving and valid.

Beltane is upon us, starting on May 1st in the Northern Hemisphere.

Also known as “May Day,” Beltane is the celebration of fertility, abundance, springtime, and optimism. We could all use a little bit of love that May brings!

So, how can you celebrate it at home? Alone? …

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There’s no one right way to become a witch.

Some people grow up in the spiritual craft, some find it by accident, and some do years of study before finally claiming to be a witch. Whatever the method you choose, you cannot go wrong, and every experience is unique.

What is a witch? In the media, you may think of Hocus Pocus, your witches with large noses that cast spells and haunt you on Halloween. To me, being a witch is more like Practical Magick, with Sandra Bullock owning a small herbal store in her town.

Katiee McKinstry

just another astrology loving concert junkie. freelance writer. (she/her) 🔮✨

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