What To Do If Someone Hurt You
Kris Gage

I don’t believe at all that people are fundamentally good. I believe people are people. The most emotionally satisfying thing I have ever been able to do in response to getting hurt is come up with a really original and effective (yet safe and legal) way to get even with somebody. And then choose not to do it. That’s how I know I am better and smarter than they are.

For instance, I had a friend who confided to me years ago, when we were still very close, a very personal and embarrassing secret. Then, years later, she did some things that weren’t so cool, but I still got an invite to their wedding. I realized that I could get up and grab the mike, and TELL EVERYONE IN THE ROOM, ALL HER CLOSEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY, THAT VERY PERSONAL AND EMBARRASSING TRUTH. ON HER WEDDING DAY. Everyone would know. Everyone would remember.

But I didn’t. And knowing that I had the choice gave me back some power.

Sorry folks, that’s not a very Zen answer! But it actually works.