5 Best Live Video Streaming Sites That Made Live Broadcasting Insanely Easy

Live video streaming, the latest trend in marketing is grabbing everyone’s attention now. With the increase in video engagement when compared to images and availability of high internet speed to every one, there could be seen a drastic increase in this live market. Bigger websites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have provided an ease of streaming live to common man through the special feature called ‘Live’, thereby increase their reach and business. Later on, many websites have come up offering live streaming facility by providing additional features like streaming live to multiple platforms at a time. Let us see some of these Live Video Streaming Sites which have enabled businesses a better way to broadcast their videos.

1. Freedocast

Apart from platform to broadcast live videos to multiple platforms, Freedocast also has another feature, it is its device, Freedocast provides a portable device which can be connected on top of the camera or any video source and go live with the best quality audio and video broadcasting. Both the device and the platform are greatly useful and built on an easier to handle interface which makes it simple yet powerful.

2. UStream

This is one of the popular Live Video Broadcasting sites which made live streaming an “easier to handle” job. The website provides a platform to broadcast all your video content with an option to share it on multiple platforms.

3. Bambuser

Bambuser is an another live video broadcasting site which came up with a goal of making mobile video sharing simpler. The website provides a platform to broadcast videos, and its userfriendly website makes the task simpler. This website also features Online Storage and Geo Tagging options and lets users live stream to multiple platforms like Myspace, Wordpress etc.

4. Justin TV

This free service platform allows people to broadcast their videos and reach the maximum number of their target audience. Users can also build real time connections with the people across the world. The uniqueness of this website is, it provides its services without even registering.

5. Live Stream

With a variety of video tools along with the platform, the website allows live streaming through any of the existent recording devices. Media Players, Sharing and Embedding are features that come in handy to connect with the target audience while using this website.