How to live

To this moment, I’ve found that life is much more easier to live when you get to know yourself more. Know your limits, know your forces and your weaknesses. Respect yourself. That’s why I started a few months ago, a list on “how to live a life.”

I hope it can help you the same way it did to me.

Stop putting everyone’s problems on your shoulder.

You don’t need to win every fight

Stop saying yes to shit you hate

Talk, say what is wrong,

have a minute to yourself.

When you can’t handle it, just leave.


If you are about to explode, just breathe, I promise you it works

Admit it when you are wrong

It is okay to cry


Stop complicating things that are simple If you can’t, ask for help

It’s not easy, but it is simple

Yes, You can and will do it. It might seem difficult but it is possible.

Do not jump to conclusions too fast

It might not go how you wanted it

It’s not easy letting things go, but sometime it’s for the best

You can never really know someone

If it is right, then it’s what you should do.

Worrying won’t stop the bad things from happening

Ask more questions, talk about yourself less

Sometimes you have to let go of what’s killing you, even if it’s killing you to let go

And lastly, live

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