Trigger Warning

Ah yes, health class! We didn’t do that in Catholic school so the surprise came for me in my first year of college. Health class there was mandatory (1972) and came with a lecture, movie, and box o’ birth preventing devices. The box was passed around the room with minimal explanation and we all tried to look cool, as if we knew what we were looking at, and passed the box casually while sneaking peeks into the box to check out the amazing items within. IUDs, condoms, diaphragms, pills, a healthy assortment. Then, the movie! Not the one you saw, this was updated and in color. I don’t think the woman in the movie stopped screaming once during the whole thing. (Really wish we had the hippie chick with the socks) Blood everywhere, lads and lasses heading for the doorway in various stages of illness or fainting, the remaining stalwarts with attention riveted on the screen wondering why anyone would have a baby.

We were physical therapy students, headed for careers in the medical field, you might think we would relish such an educational film. All I can say to that is that, to my knowledge, only one person in that class ever had a baby!

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