Too funny, Rose Frazer ! Where did she get that idea?

I think it came from dating my Dad. He was big on sailing, not so much on patience. I recall a great story where he announced “Coming about!”. She had no idea what it meant so ended up with her butt in the water (she’d been sitting on the high side of the boat). Dad looked at her like, why are you over there? I clearly announced what we were doing. This never really changed. When my brother and I were learning to sail we were tying up to something and Dad hollered at my brother, “Give me some slack!” Of course, he immediately pulled as hard as he could. He waited until we got home and asked Mom, “What’s slack?” They took me on a voyage to Cape Cod with another couple they knew when I was 5 or 6 months old. Mom complained I cried a lot. I asked if she washed my diapers in salt water. “Well, of course!” Ah, there is a treasure trove of sailing tales in our family!!