Ode To The Man In The Oval

Happy 55th Birthday to the man in the Oval, a man, still young and still noble.

Yes, he spoke truth, this great man, who 8 years ago ran, to bring hope to a country,and his 1st term he began.

He promised change would begin, healthcare for all was his plan, and we shouted support, our trust in his words, “yes we can!”

Yes we can, yes he did, POTUS he is and still a true honest man; followed through, passed a bill, to change lives, unwavering resilience to stick to his plan.

And as the years past, despite constant congressional spite, he accomplished so much, each measure he won after a fight.

This man, a leader, stayed true in each race, no matter the obstacles put right in front of his face.

Affordable Care was the first win to assign, followed by these, as his approval did climb:

Bin Laden was ended, a deal reached with Iran, protected his country, Israel now admits they’re a fan.

He sent soldiers home, from Iraq and Afghanistan, then fought for them to speak freely as he lifted the don’t ask don’t tell ban.

And still his devotion continued to show, in his fight for Planet Earth, for generations to come, our climate we must not forgo.

He fought for a nation of future leaders and believers and policy speakers, advocating; for our youngest members, in favor of teachers to increase their quality educating.

PreK for all, and for all he does care, equal rights to engage and commit to love one another, once and for all.

Love is Love is Love his favorite playwright did state, and our President supported the rights of his people and argued to end this unfair law and its hate.

Commuted the sentences of prisoners serving well past an appropriate time for their crime.

Appointing Two Women, brilliant women, brilliant legal minds, to the highest court in the land, first Hispanic Woman Justice appointed to sit as one among the elite Judicial nine.

So much more he fought for, so many people he wished to help in his time, as the President they elected, to represent their interests, bring about change to help our citizens, to reflect and refine.

It is hard to believe, this man, is simply a man. The difference he made, his motto, yes we can.

Happy Birthday is in order, a celebration I’m sure the amazing Michelle Obama did plan, as we wish him many more happiest birthdays in post presidential endeavors and relaxing times with his fam.

We’ll miss you Barry O, we’ll cry when you go, but we trust you to make sure HillYes comes to pass, avoiding the plague that is that Donald, bozo.

Happy Birthday to an inspiring President. and Thank you for everything Barack Obama!

#yeswecan #audacityofhope