Like a chef with his eye on a Michelin star, every plate is carefully inspected before it makes its way to the diners. Frank is not a chef, far from one in fact. But like that chef, Frank is careful about what information is let out to the public. And for a man who wants to be “the hunter and never the hunted”, he has to inspect every plate and make sure there are no slip ups. And if ever there should be any, it must be of his own creation.


Frank: So why are you here Ms. Barnes?

Zoe: I need somebody I can talk to.

Frank: We are talking. Tell me what we are talking about?

Zoe: I protect your identity, I print whatever you tell me and I will never ask any questions.

Frank: And what makes you think I don’t already have such an arrangement with one of your colleagues?

Zoe: Because if you did, you wouldn’t have let me through the door. I promise you, absolute discretion.

Frank: So we are talking about trust?

Zoe: Yes.

Frank: So which Zoe Barnes am I to trust, the one who wrote about the fireman that married the meter maid or the one that authored a very fine article on a new jogging path on Rock Creek park? Don’t be flattered, I read everything.

Zoe: I’m better than what they have me doing! You know how that feels like.

Frank: Do I?

Zoe: You would have made a great Secretary of State.

Frank…..How exactly may I help you Ms. Barnes?


Zoe: There’s no harm in looking.

Frank: That’s a cheap ploy.

Zoe: Cheap but affective.

Frank: Well you certainly have my undivided attention.

Zoe: Good, the reason I’m here….

Frank: …..Oh is foreplay over?

Zoe: I read somewhere that JFK never lasted more than three minutes.

Frank: Point being?

Zoe: Time is precious. Powerful men don’t have the luxury of foreplay.


Zoe: Do you know where Rachel is?

Frank: Listen to what I’m saying.

Zoe: I’m trying to protect us both, these are questions any one could ask.

Frank: But no is asking except you, I can’t imagine what you are after.

Zoe: I took a chance, showed up at your house and placed myself at your feet. Crossed ethical lines, professionally, physically and I hold myself accountable for that, those were my choices and I can live with them, but I need to know exactly what I was a part that…that..I wasn’t a part of someone’s….

Frank: Finish your thought.

Zoe:….Part of someone’s murder.

Frank: Jesus!

Zoe: I wanna believe you Francis…..

Zoe: I know you!……