Rose Guccione’s ongoing resource list #DreamzoneAllyCourse re immigration, DACA, DAPA, etc. Largely Chicago-based references.

What first became a sketch called "The Dream Act: The Musical," turned into better understanding current conflicts through performing in "Living Large in a Mini Kind of Way" written by Diane Rodriguez and directed by Ann Filmer, and "Lydia" by Octavio Solis and directed by Cecilie Keenan; to attending a seminar to better understand the struggle of undocumented students and U.S. citizen born students of undocumented parents, and learn about resources for citizenship, scholarship, etc.

I have been asked about what I know more than once, and have started a list of resources here. I will refine the list I started while getting my hair done, and offer a link to it below. Feel free to follow hash tag #DreamzoneAllyCourse on Twitter as well. Why do I care about this issue? Because immigrants helped lift me up as a child through my young adult years, and I feel I honor their legacy. Feel free to send me your resources as well.