Its Funny How Distance Makes Thing Small

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I was listening a song this morning and happened to hear these words.

I don’t know how the lyricist interpreted these words but i found it very deep..

I compare these words with the people I have met in my life.When they were near me, I valued them a lot..I used to feel empty when I thought about their absence from my life..I thought I couldn’t even move on a day without them.

But today, the people I loved,cared so much and valued so much are not with me..some went for good reason, some went for best..I sobered back then, I ruined some of my days just remembering them and wishing them to be with me but time…It’s such a powerful thing, it changes everything.

Today I smile like I used to..I enjoy each and every moment of life but without the presence of people I valued so much..This is because distance made them small..Their importance got minor, their time and attention that I craved for got meager..Their memories faded and so is their images from my mind and heart.