My love for you

Life always gave me roads full of roses
But I will happily step on thorns
If you walk with me
And This is what my love is for you

Can’t promise you wont have tears anymore 
But I swear I wont not be the reason for once
My nearer brighten up my day
But you,my dear shines up my night

No riches is good enough for the chill
When I see the love for me in your eyes
No comfort is better enough for that heaven
when you embrace me close to your heart

My beloved, I can’t promise
With me 
Your bad days will be gone
But my dear, I will assure
You don’t have to face them alone

My heart, forgive me
I can’t give up my life for the sake of love 
for the rest of my life
Together i want to live each rise and fall
And yes 
This is what my love is for you

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