Blogging about a blog

JavaScript file with the blog data.

Step 1: Create a file for your blog data. You can call it posts.js.

.js means the file will be JavaScript.

Step 2: You will want to create a variable (I don’t think I explained this content previously, so here is a link because I’m lazy)to store your blog data; this variable will contain multiple posts.

Examples of these are:
title: What you want to call your post
date: Whatever day you posted the blog
tags: If you are an Instagram addict you know what this is for

Step 3: You will need to copy your index.html file then rename it blog.html

Step 4: For both your index.html and blog.html you should add a link the blog page, as the first drop down item (line 34 ↑). You should also use _self as the target because you don’t want pages from your site to open in a new tab.

Step 5: You can now include the post’s data in your blog.html file. You do this using a <script> tag. This is similar to when you wrote JavaScript for the drop down. This time you need to reference the external file instead, (line 18).

Step 6: This step is more complicated than other tasks you have had to do before. Basically, for each blog post from the data, create a content row, then add the blog content (title, date etc.) After that add the row to the #content <div> on the page. Also, make sure you remove the stuff inside of <div id=”content”> that was copied when you made the file (lines 53 and 54).

Now, everyone can see how cool blogs and sushi are.
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