Oh, more pages

Project 2

Step 1: Today, you are going to add another link to the menu bar and actually give real/permanent names to the links. Link 1 will be changed to Home and Link 2 will be changed to Menu. To do this simply delete the part that says Link and instead put Home etc. Remember, Link 1, etc. was just a place holder because that doesn’t actually tell you what anything is.

I look more official now, no more vague links!

Step 2: Now, for the bit about adding another link. You will want this link to be the third option that will appear. Under the drop down menu you created, add About between <div> </div> like you have been.

Step 3 has to do with line 40 aka the bit highlighted in this screenshot.

Step 3: Here you will change the link from google.com, to your own about page. To do this, delete http://www.google.com, that you added previously and replace it with ./about.html

After clicking the link, you will see that the browser can’t find the page. It can’t find the page because you didn’t make it yet, but fear not you will later.

Step 4: In order to create an actual page for your about section create a new file next to index.html called about.html

Just copy and paste what you have already in index.html into the new about.html section. This is so you can save time (since everyone is always busy) and so you don’t have to write a completely new HTML page (since most people are also lazy) from nothingness. If you want, you can change the stuff in the #content section. For now, you could technically just leave it as a place holder, though. This is referring to the changing the Rose’s Bomb Food to The Magical Chef and switching the Lorem Ipsum to the Food is… short paragraph things. That way you do not have the same content on two pages, this way when looking at them, you can easily tell them apart until they have real content.