Part 1:Back to the Future

How to Update the Styling of the Page

This sexy page, is the end result if you follow parts 1–5 ;)

What you created in the following posts still looks dated and boring (even though that drop down menu was cool), so you will continue to learn how to make things look more pretty.

Step 1:Right now, you have grey sections on the left and right side of your content (not pretty) that will be displayed if someone looks at the page using a computer. They won’t be displayed if someone is using their mobile to view it, though. Now, while most people visit websites using their mobile, you don’t want it to look like crap when Grandpa Bob looks at it. PS I’m not sourcing this fact, I learned it a long time ago in one of my marketing classes, go look into yourself, if you are a non-believer. This seems like a widely know concept, though.

Anyway, on to what you should actually be doing.

Remove 960px (line 16), for the #container you should change this to to 100%; . Following that, you should double check that width of the #content in you CSS file is still 960px. This is important because you want to make sure your content stay the 960px standard that you learned in previous posts.

The grey is gone! But I still need a makeover!
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