So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Yay, you don’t have to put up with my stupid jokes anymore!

What I choose to learn HTML?

I had wanted to learn HTML and CSS for about four years but I kept putting it off because I was too busy. In other words not prioritizing learning it.

I desired to choose this for my project topic because it is a real world skill I can apply to marketing jobs.

Also, in high school I took web design 1 and 2. I also took videography 1 and 2. Both of these course were taught by the same teacher…nice guy, I forget his name now. I was the only female taking the second tier of both of these classes; I was also the only student not using this courses for a purpose (parents business, senior project, etc.) Both of the second tier classes only had about six people in them, so they were combined with the tier 1 classes (my high school had over 2,000 students, so I’m unsure why there was a huge lack of interest). Anyway, due to this the teacher wanted me to help a group of younger students who were struggling to pass the class. I enjoyed this but it never really let me advance on my own projects. It did give me a chance to realize I enjoyed this sort of thing though. This project allowed me to learn new skills (I don’t remember one thing from my high school classes) and create the sort of project I desired.

Will I continue blogging?

As of now, it is dead week so for the next few weeks I will definitely not continue blogging. I may blog during the summer though because I did enjoy it. Once I get a full time job though, I don’t think it is something I will prioritize. However, I will for sure continue to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Maybe I’ll branch out to other things in the future.

What I enjoyed?

I enjoyed being able to find my voice by writing short, free pieces. It’s the first time in four years, I think, I’ve had the opportunity to write something shorter than 5 pages. Writing the blog aided me in learning the content, even more. This is because right before writing the blogs I would have to re-research the coding concepts, to try and talk about it as accurately as I could. Again, I enjoyed being able to learn the basics of and write about a useful skill that can be applied to my future career.

What I didn’t enjoy?

I didn’t like knowing there were days I had to write a post to meet the project requirements because there were days I wasn’t inspired to write, at all. Then I would write but be upset about my content. I think part of this was being too harsh on myself, so I tried to let go of these negative feelings over time. Some days it was also a bit stressful trying to find the time to learn the HTML, do it, not have anything go wrong, research it, then post about it. I think this was only an issue because I picked a more technical subject. It increased my ability to mange time better, though. And to not watch the next episode of Bates Motel, even if I really wanted to.

One thing I do wish, is that web design languages and graphic design were more integrated into the business program. I think it would be convenient to incorporate more HTML because we share the building with Computer Science, so we could easily access their labs during class time. I do understand that resources are somewhat limited though and I doubt they want to compete with us for lab time. I’d probably get annoyed if the CS majors were coming downstairs all the time to use our SPSS…even though I can’t think of what they would want to use it for. I believe it would useful and important for other students to learn. It would be nice with the university equipped our computers with the basic resources to learn HTML. Anyway, I’ll stop talking about this, so it doesn’t turn into the Communist Manifesto.

Overall, I’m grateful for this learning opportunity. Have a great summer! Go Lutes!

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