From the Turtleneck to the Moto Jacket

Where do we start if we want to talk about fashion? Is there a use for it? Well, there is. It is the way you present your self to world, it is the way you hide yourself from the world, it is the way you communicate when you do not want to use words. Sometimes, you just do not want to look the way you feel.

As a working mother of two, it is the way I say ‘‘ you know what, this is what I have to say for myself’‘. Although I do not want (or intend) to embarrass my kids, lets just say, ‘’grunge’’ can be a very encompassing concept.

From my early 20′s to now, I tried a lot of style and items of clothing, some worked, some were a total disaster, some of them stayed with me, as a staple of who I am. I hope to always keep them closed to me, even as just a memory of these beautiful years.

The miniskirt has been a faithful ally for many years. Approaching 40, I am not ready to give it up and I encourage other to do the same (no matter what they say!). As many other Canadian women, I can appreciate the value of good tights which paired with the boots get to be the best friends in town.

The leather jacket is also the woman best friend. Real leather or the vegan version have their advantages. This jacket goes from the office to the week-end and to a night in town, for a first date as much as the wedding anniversary diner (maybe we do not hang out in the same places…). Lets face it, it is as tough as I well ever look.

Do I still have to mention the merits of the high boots?

Everyday, I know that I am gonna deal with my aspirations, ambitions, challenges, pains and desires. And everyday, I can find the comfort in putting together a nice outfit.

Date night in town -2016
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