Do as I do and as I say

The power of your words to help you realize your dreams

Repeat after me: I’m making strides toward my dreams.

Who do you dream of being? What do you dream of doing? What do you dream of having? Give it some thought today and everyday. Imagine yourself really being, doing and having all that you want. Then say it, “I’m making strides toward my dreams.”

I always considered myself “Most Likely to Succeed.” I’ve struggled for the past few years to make ends meet. There have been times I’ve had no food in my house and no money to my name. It wasn’t easy. And though the struggle has been real, I’ve been working on what’s inside a lot as I learn to deal with the outside stuff. Actually, the work I’ve done mentally has been a great help in dealing with the environmental troubles and pains.

One of the things that’s helped to change my perspective and my emotional response to a tough situation is reading. I’ve read books by Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Marc Allen (The Millionaire Course), Stacia Pierce (Inspired to Succeed), Kelly Cutrone (If You Have to Cry, Go Outside) and Sophia Amoruso (#GIRLBOSS). They have all taught me valuable lessons about the path to success. (And I highly recommend each of these books. I also recommend that you check out Stacia Pierce’s blog for inspiration and guidance on the entrepreneurial journey at

One such lesson is thinking positively and affirming the things you want with the repetition of specific words out loud and in your thoughts. Repeated enough, you start to believe these things even when your outside world indicates something different.

To affirm something (and help it manifest in your life), you’ve got to start by imagining what you want. It helps to write it down, too. Perhaps you’re thinking, I want to make more money. Turn it into a statement in the present tense. “I am making $4,000 a month.” Write it down. Say it out loud. Repeat often. Perhaps you even set a reminder on your phone and say it aloud or think it five times each time the reminder pops up.

I set my phone reminder to tell me, “I am running a successful business which brings me financial freedom. I can pay for my debt and have money left over for my future.” Now I don’t even have to read the reminder to know the words.

You might also wish to repeatedly write these words. Write them out by hand with a pen or pencil. Do it dozens of times or even 100 times. (Another tool is repeatedly writing down those limiting thoughts you hear your inner critic saying. Do it over and over until those words lose their power. This is something Kelly Cutrone, perhaps the greatest fashion publicist ever, has done.)

So go ahead, think about what you want and then, both aloud and in your head, repeat a present tense affirmation to help you start manifesting.

If you need inspiration or a more generic, though still powerful affirmation, repeat after me: “I’m making strides toward my dreams.”

These words should help you through tough times, whether they’re moments of poverty, growing pains or plagued by depression. Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself and work for yourself (whether you’re employed or going it alone).

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