Cultural appropriation is a toxic concept.
Serena Farah

I think she missed the mark on alot of things. First, I agree cultural appropriation is part of racism AND it erases history. In 200 years, I would not be surprised if yoga is seen as a practice that white people came up with. This furthers white supremacy and white people as being the founders and inventors of everything and people of color learning from Massa. Who benefits from the appropriation of culture? Never the people who share its roots. For example, country music was invented by black people on plantations, you would never know that today. Rock and roll was invented by a black woman, you can’t tell either. Vaccinations was invented by a slave who’s master took his intellectual property and made it his, that you will never know. Ask yourself if you are engaging in a culture, do you also care about the struggles of the people you are borrowing from? if you are not at a black lives matter rally or being an ally and recognizing the founders of that practice, you are appropriating which is dehumanizing which is recipe for oppression. There is no gatekeepers for cultures but they are people who births them. Its not enough to say “I love your culture, so let me take or borrow” , Its “I love what you folks have to share with the world. I see you AND your struggles, so while I engage with your practices how can I make your existence here easier as you made mine”