Intimate strangers

I bumped into him today.Tom, my ex boyfriend. As I was leaving my favourite restaurant after lunch I recognised him,sitting by the entrance reading the paper.Tentatively I walked up to him, my thoughts whirling,emotions causing a tattoo to beat in my chest. He raised his head and gave his 100watt smile,opening his arms for a hug.After the initial hellos we find ourselves in an awkward circle of the “so how have you been” conversation. In my head i realise i cannot tell him i miss him. Nonchalantly I smile back and tell him I’m fine.The small talk continues for a few minutes then i say my goodbye.

Now as I’m sitting in my car I marvel.At how he is now nothing more than a stranger. Someone I used to know better than I know myself.One of the few people who know how I look like early in morning without my makeup.Who knows which side of the bed I prefer and all my little quirks.He knows my mind and by memory can trace the outline of my body.Once we were as one.In sync from sunset until dawn.Now all that remains are just fragmented memories.Of the intimate stranger I ran into today.

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