As you read this letter,think of me as not your mother but your dearest friend.On this journey called life,you might get lucky enough to find someone special.A darling soul to add the extra lub to the lub-dub of your heart.I want you to remember these words when you do.

Love and time

The giant of love is not to be awakened before one knows how to feed it my son.If and when you feel ready then treat her like a fragile flower.Lift her spirits and not her temper.Shower her with praise when it is due.Like a temple her body is to be treated.One to be adorned and cherished in the finest of stones.The vessel which holds her soul should be respected.Make love to her mind.Explore nicks and crooks of her subconscious.Discover the unfathomable depths of her wisdom.Just as a book is more than just its cover,so a woman is more than just a body.

Jealousy is a raging beast which must not be allowed to dwell in the heart son.Instead let love be the river flowing inside you.Quench her from this river.Love is to be lived ,not merely spoken of.Your darling shall be worthy of all goodness and prosperity.Her happiness you ought to treasure.the gem that is her smile a permanent feature.The heart she gives to you must be guarded and protected.Your hands use to soothe and nurture her,to carress her and hold her.For they were not given to be weapons to punch or bruise her.Like nectar should your words be to her,like a healing balm to her spirit.They too can harden a sweet unsuspecting heart.

Be the yin to her yan.

Her protector.

The number one cheeleader.

In the end my son know this.When you are able to love a woman in a manner such as this,then indeed you will deserve to be called “a real man.”