An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Wow. First of all, congrats, you got this mommy to be so riled up, that I felt the need to end my zen session of petting my cat and feeling my belly for little kicks to actually going though the process (it was actually easier than I thought) of setting up a Medium account. Bravo! I read all the way through your post. ALL THE WAY!!! Thinking, this glaringly, self-congratulatory verbiage has to lead somewhere, right? NOPE!

Were you literally patting yourself on the back and typing with the other hand?

Your verbal equivalent of a particularly satisfying jerk off session, isn’t even thinly veiled bragging, this is a straight up superior level of bragging, especially given your minor achievements. You really were able to stretch it out!! You worked at a restaurant? Wow, how did you get though it?

The leaps and assumptions you make about this chicks life in order to support your meanie, superior attitude are hilarious, I’ll give you that, at least I thought they were, I even laughed out loud a little.

And your band of eager followers, who are super keen to share their equally tragic hardships are obviously winners at life to. YOU ARE ALL WINNERS, NO REALLY YOU ARE If the rest of us keep telling you that, will you shut up about it? Pretty Please.

You are not enlightening anyone, literally NOTHING you said, needed to said. It’s ALL been said and I think most of us are bored by now (clearly, I’ve gone beyond bored and straight to stabby, but, eh, that’s ok)

For fucks sake, it wasn’t even well written.

You do not get a gold star, for essentially bullying, singling out and judging some chick you don’t know. You are piggy backing on her story, for clicks on your own. In my opinion you should be thanking her, not judging her.

Now back to petting and zenning.

Oh and PS I also love how you laugh at the coke addicts. Pure Class.

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