I am not hungry, but know many suffer from starvation.
I live in a land free of war, but watch as lands are destroyed 
I am not judged by the color of my skin, though many are
I am not condemned for my religious beliefs, but others are
I do not suffer at the hands of homophobic mindsets, but I am not a homosexual
I am free to speak, yet many others are silenced
My children are safe, but the children of others…suffer greatly

I do not have to be ‘them’ to know ‘they” suffer and die in a world I cannot even fathom.
As I am free and allowed to eat and live in peace…I speak for you, you and you. 
This world is big enough for all of us. 
This world is not just mine. 
This world is OUR HOME. 
This world is our right to safety and freedom.