Do These 4 Simple Things — Get Rich

1) Get Your Head In The Game

Self doubt, fear lead to procrastination and the destruction of dreams. Every day, I wake up pretty dang early so that I get alone time before the family wakes up.

Working at home has both its benefits and potential pitfalls! I love to be with my family all the time — hubby and three princesses that I home educate, love the freedom and flexibility of my life…

And I hate it, all at the same time — Someone is usually ALWAYS around, wanting to talk to me or get me to do something. And yep, I love them but I do hate that!

In fact right now, I am writing at 430am in the morning because I LOVE and CRAVE the peace and I am committed to my dreams and need to create space to make them happen.

And yet, I love my life…

I love what I get to do everyday…

I want it for you!

What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Anyway, that was an aside!

I need time alone each day — YOU NEED time alone as well to get your head in the game. To raise your self-belief levels and to remind yourself why you are choosing to put yourself through the challenges of building a profitable business and freedom-based life.

So, every day, I write out who I choose to be that day in my journal. I remind myself of my big goal — Project 334k — 334000 people worldwide empowered to reach financial independence and to make a dent on the planet. I remind myself who I need to be to make this happen — Powerful, ‘no-compromise’, Leader!

I handle any internal nonsense by CHOOSING my beliefs.

Another aside — It is all a choice…

All of life, I mean.

I can choose to feel yuk or I can choose to feel on top of the world…

I know it is not always that simple and so I have other tricks up my sleeve like putting a timer on my phone for every hour or so to check in with myself to make sure I am still feeling on top of the world and AGAIN, making the decision to raise my mood or to catch myself getting stuck in feeling sorry for myself…

There is one magical question that tends to work to get you moving again

“What is the best thing I can do next to reach my goals?” Get specific about what your goals are.

And listen to what bubbles up within you, TAKE ACTION on it.

TAKE FREAKING ACTION ON IT! Do not second-guess, doubt, wonder — JUST DO IT!

And I know you think you don’t know, but you do! You DO KNOW What to do but you may not want to DO IT!



In order to get people’s attention online or even offline, you need words.

Spoken in videos, livestreams…

Written in blogs, on quote images, simple social media updates…

You can give talks to a networking group

Do workshops, webinars, teleseminars…

Challenges, competitions…

Advertising — this works best in conjunction with all the above

The idea here is to start sharing who you are and how you can serve people with the world on social media and anywhere else.



Don’t get so hung up on what to talk about. I believe very strongly in building a personal brand online and using your words to call in the type of people you want to work with, who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Even if you do not have a product to sell yet, it is best that you start doing this IMMEDIATELY to begin the long process of getting an audience of people who are interested in what you will, one day, have to offer.

And here is a tip for finding content ideas, if you are really struggling (although honey, you could just say whatever you want to say) — take a moment to write down 25 questions that you think the people you want in your world would like to ask about and write a blog post of about 300 words or so on that topic.

As you are using social media, the length does not really matter because ultimately you just want real people to read it and as long as it answers their question then whatever you write is enough.

You could then convert that into a quick video as well and take parts of the blog and turn into quotes, which you stick on an image using a service like

I give several ideas like this within the Business Hero Bootcamp program which normally sells as a standalone program for $1k

However, guess what?! As part of my mission, I provide access to the course in the DM Club for just $9.77 a month.

You should check it out at and join in fast before I have to put the price up again.


You need a way to follow up with people. I cannot emphasize this enough because this is the place where people seem to think they can cut corners and they find all kinds of excuses for not getting it done.

They say things like it is all too technical — honey if I can do it, ANYONE can!

I don’t have the money — offers a free 30 days — Get to work and get to selling and make the $19 back

And so on the ‘reasons’ go…

Don’t be those people…

You are a freaking leader. No excuses allowed!

All you need is a lead magnet — so what do you think your people want that you can solve quickly. Put the information into a pdf or record a quick video or audio on your phone and you are sorted.

Then offer it to people on social media and anywhere you meet them, in exchange for their email address.

And that is where Aweber comes in…

And if you do not have a site yet, you can use to set up a landing page which will link to your aweber account and when anyone signs up, you will keep their email address.

Once this is set up and you can do it within a day especially if you simply use aweber, leadpages and your facebook page…

Then all you do, AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE, is send people to the landing page when you are communicating with them as I mentioned yesterday. Add a little ps to the end of the blog telling them to go take a look at your free thing.

If they do not seem to be too interested in what you are offering as a free thing then, change the lead magnet to something else. OR simply change the name of the lead magnet.

And that is the capture part.

Again, this is critical because you have no control over any social media platform…

Just yeaterday, I was listening to one of my mentors who has a VERY VERY Strong Facebook presence telling our mastermind group about the fact that FB had kicked him off for 4 days! For something he had not even done! Thankfully, he has a mailing list, a very strong one or else business would come to a halt.

STILL VERY FRUSTRATING THOUGH but that is the thing about completely depending on someone else’s platform. YOU NEED A MAILING LIST!

Your site is unlikely to be remembered again after the first fleeting glance…

YOU NEED TO FOLLOW UP WITH PEOPLE in order to really get under their skin…

And so you MUST have a mailing list.

Have I emphasized this enough?


And the final thing to do is close people on something.

It is all well and good wanting to change the world but you will not be able to do it for long without making money…

And it is all well and good wanting to make money but you only get to do it by serving people with something they want…

So, what do your people want?

And how do you package it so that they take it from you…

If you are not sure of a product yet, then pop over to the Mavericks group and take part in the free 5 day challenge on designing a bestselling digital product — Here is where you join the group —

When accepted into the group, go to the files section and you will find the challenge there — Bestselling product, I think it is called.

If you already have a product/service/art/music/books, then all you need to do is ensure you are sending emails to your ever-growing mailing list.

Emails that inform, inspire, entertain people and also ask for the sale.

Be VERY VERY SPECIFIC about what you want your people to do — Do not assume that they know. Do not send them to a generic page on your site when you want them to buy a specific product, send them DIRECTLY to where you want them to go and tell them what to do next.

Believe enough in yourself and your offering to offer it multiple times to the people on your mailing list and also on social media. Mention your offering everywhere while at the same time, building your audience on every platform that you know your people are likely to be. DO NOT THINK THEY WILL FIND YOU! GO FIND THEM!

It is a numbers game, particularly if you are inviting the right people to your mailing list but you must understand that it may take you some time to establish a product/person fit. So do not be disheartened and simply keep offering your things in different ways.

Do a video explaining it, put that on Facebook/YouTube and send people from your list to view it.

Write a blog post about one part of your product…

Demonstrate how to use it in another video…

Put a sale page together on your website (if you have one), explaining in great detail who it is for and how it will help them.

Think through different ways to present it imaginatively…

And just simply never give up!

And more than all of this, SHOW UP BOLDLY AS YOU!

Some people will literally love you enough to buy whatever you put out becaue they can trust that you will only ever put something that will be good for them into the marketplace, right?!


Stop trying to hide behind a computer!

Come out and shine your light!

You have such an opportunity to flourish with social media being what it is today, you can literally create your own job/business and design your life the way you want it as long as you care enough for your people and you are bold and determined and deliberate about getting out there every freaking day.

It takes many touches to get attention and to get a sale so again, believe enough in what you are doing to keep presenting it until it takes.

And that is it.

And honey, if you want a step by step, ’90 minute a day’ plan to reach 6 figures online, even if starting from scratch — Join the FREE webinar taking place next week at a selection of times — Register at

It is time to make your dent on the world.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to