I just had a mini-argument with some lady…

And it got me a little riled up!

QUESTION: Who gave you your role?

Who told you what you were allowed to do and what not to do?

Who decided for you what your life is to be about?

That word ‘role’ has been used to pigeonhole lots of people but hey, no one can pigeon hole you unless you let it and I have always fought against what some person would tell me was my ‘role’ in life…

According to these ‘role’ experts, I am supposed to be happy just cleaning and cooking, bringing up children and maybe even wearing long shapeless dresses because that is my ‘role’ as woman…

I am supposed to be happy silencing the voice inside of me because I must submit, not lead…

In Africa (maybe even here), I would have been expected to turn a blind eye as my husband chased tail, brought home children that were not mine, beat me up and all because it was my role as female to shut up and put up!

And the sad thing is that I see so many ladies caught up in this role nonsense…

Dampening out their fire, trying to fit into these stupid ‘ROLES’ and even being taught by their mothers, their aunties, their female friends to continue to live into these ‘ROLES’!

Being told that GOD demands it of them!

As I said to some lady on my page today ‘WHAT NONSENSE!’

If it is your CHOICE to live within the confines of a ‘role’ then yippee!!! Good for you! Go for it!!!!

But if you are doing it because some person decided that to be spiritual and holy meant that you had to live to some stupid ‘role’ that does not even fit you then FUCK THAT!

How dare anyone try to pigeonhole me?

And why the hell would you allow someone to pigeon hole you?!


Why the heck do you keep trying to fit your square self into a round hole?!

Why the heck do you keep undermining yourself?

And why do you keep pretending to be happy with it?

What are you worried about?


That God will punish you and condemn you to everlasting damnation?

Really?!! Have you asked Him?!!!

Or is it just hearsay?

What fear is so powerful that you will sell your WHOLE LIFE to play a ‘role’ that does not even feel all that great?!


Though this has spoken mostly to women, I know there are some men who also feel confined to a ‘role’ that does not fit.


Allow YOU to come through!

Rediscover YOU!


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