I Love You & I Think You Are Being Wimpy

Sorry but it is true…

And don’t worry, I feel the same EXACT way about me!

Except I face my wimpiness daily and I am not sure that you do yet…

I am not sure that you realise that what you call being practical and logical is simply you, being wimpy…

You say you want this other experience of life over there and yet, you act like you are content to stay in this life you hate…

You hold on and in fact, FIGHT FOR, a life that makes you feel nothing but angst, unfulfilment and a low-level feeling of depression and ’this is not supposed to be my life!’ and yet, you KEEP GIVING THOSE EXCUSES!

I know they sound reasonable and sensible

But honey, do you want a free, fulfilling life or not?

That is the only question

Everything else is wimpiness and talk…

And honey, I have enough talk for us all…

I was telling my daughters just yesterday about all the talk I used to do before they were born and How I hoped and prayed they would not follow my footsteps but instead ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WANT TO DO!

And I say the same to you…

I love you so much- I really do.

It is such a privilege to do this work and to support you in elevating and making the difference you want to make…

But I have to say, you are being a wimp!

And it is time you stopped!

What do you want?

Really, ask yourself, ‘what do I want?’

Write it down

Feel it

Then get on and create it!

You don’t have to quit everything to get started…

Just make space for it

Just choose to do the internal work as well as the EXTERNAL work to make things happen…

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