Stop Trying To Be The Gatekeeper For God

Photo by Massimo Mancini on Unsplash

Stop being the gatekeeper for God!

He can take care of Himself!

Stop with all the judgements about who is godly enough and who is not!

Just because they do not agree with you, does not make them wrong and you right!

Be honest — You do not really know — Your assessments are based on assumptions that others have taught you/conditioned you to believe…

Just love!


Cease judgement!

And if something seems to help you, allow it to help you…

If something resonates with you, act on it…

Maybe God is trying to get your attention but you are so busy deciding what is good or bad, according to your interpretation of someone else’s interpretation of your chosen holy book

Free yourself from your judgements so you can get life in all its fullness!

Leave judgements to God, will ya?

He can take care of himself! He does not need you to take care of him!

Trust that you are taken care of…

Trust, Love, GET ON WITH LIFE!

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