Action Items: Stand Up For Science (Org4Change)

Week of the 1st of May 2017

By Rose Hook, Co-Founder of Org4Change / Activism Chair and

Contributor Elsa Little

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What can we do to help scientists and our planet? These action items focus on ways we can make our voices heard.

✅1) Support “Jedi” Jeff Merkley, Senator (D-OR)

✅2) Make Science More Inclusive

✅3) Elect Officials that Support Science

✅4) Knowledge is Power

✅5) Act Now

Stand up for Science!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the March for Science in Amsterdam. Kids, families, and students were present all sharing their appreciation for science. Large educational posters were dotted along Museumplein connecting two “Discovery Tents” where people could learn about current science research and participate in hands-on experiments. While the March was uplifting and rejuvenating I couldn’t help feeling a bit gloomy. It’s a scary time when scientists and science supporters have to take the street to stand up for FACTS.

It’s even scarier that we have a president and administration that is quick to dismiss mountains of evidence in regards to climate change. What do you expect when Exxon oil tycoon, Tex Rillerson, is appointed Secretary of State and climate change denier Scott Pruit is in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency!

This dismissal of factual evidence comes at a critical time as our opportunity to halt temperature rise to be no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius is right now (or some argue it has already passed)! This means transitioning to a clean energy economy is more critical than ever. So, what can we do to help scientists and our planet? These action items focus on ways you can make your voice heard.

1. Support “Jedi” Jeff Merkley, Senator (D-OR)

The democrat senator from Oregon really does seem like a Jedi fighting against the dark side. He filibustered the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for 15 hours, is calling for an independent investigation to Trump’s collusion with Russia, and has just put together a very impressive clean energy bill.

Senator Jeff Merkley’s IMPRESSIVE 15 hour filibuster on the Senate Floor protesting Neil Gorsuch’s SCOTUS nomination

The “100 by 50 Act” calls for a 100% end of combustion fossil fuels by 2050 and lays out the framework for a transition to a renewable energy economy.

Merkley states, “If you believe that climate change poses a real threat, then nothing short of a 100% switch to renewable power is acceptable.” He goes on to stay that the time is now that, “we are the generation that must address this, not 30 years from now.”

For more read a quick synopsis here:

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)

Way to go Merkley!

Also, please sign his petition to demand an independent investigation of the Trump administration’s collusion with Russia here →

2. Make Science More Inclusive

Even though women make up 47 percent of the workforce in the States, they only represent 26 percent of the work force in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). STEM jobs are still largely dominated by white males. There are many organizations that are getting women and people of color (POC) involved with STEM projects and careers.

STEM Women — Aims to:

  1. Make women in STEM more visible to the public, with a special focus on women scientists on Google+
  2. Promote careers for women in STEM
  3. Highlight issues of gender inequality
  4. Address solutions to improve women’s participation, inclusion, leadership and recognition in STEM.

To learn more about women and POC in STEM, read this well thought out article about how Google is trying to make their workforce more inclusive by making women in STEM more visible →

This article lists 7 great organizations that are actively recruiting and encouraging women in the STEM field:

Steminist is another great organization that aims to make women more visible in the STEM field. They highlight many “steminists” conduct interviews and post their profiles on their site to inspire women that they too can be a scientist!

3. Elect Officials that Support Science

Check out these amazing incubator programs that put forth women and science supporters that help people run for office.

314action is specifically targeting STEM professionals to run for office. They also have a petition on their page to tell Trump to give scientists a seat at the table and to not dismiss scientific evidence.

Emily’s List is all about electing pro-choice, democratic women, and has lead many successful campaigns.

She Should Run is just about getting more women involved in politics.

4. Knowledge is Power

Stay up to date on climate change information and join in the conversation on Twitter and social media!

Here you can sign up for an email that will send the latest and most pertinent weather and climate journalism:

Have some time and want to watch some inspiring speakers? You can listen to a few of these talks from leaders in the field here →

Here is a list of 22 people to follow on Twitter that are activists, organizers, and part of the resistance make sure you are following them and retweeting:

5. Act Now

Feeling inspired to ACT NOW? Check out this amazing website that gives you all the tools needed to take part in the resistance.

While this site has a climate change focus, they list many ways to take action and to RESIST! Check it out!

Science in America — Neil deGrasse Tyson


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